Punishment: The Other Side Of The Coin (
George Howe's biblical survey of God’s different means of punishment.

Fire & Brimstone (
Elwin Roach explores these famous words from Revelation 21.

Exposing Those Who Contradict (
L. Ray Smith critiques sermons about hell by James Kennedy and John Hagee (scroll down just below the photo of the twin towers).

25 Scriptures On Salvation For All (
George Howe and Darroll Evans list the 25 most direct Bible sections showing that someday all people will be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ.

What The Hell Is Hell? (
Fun stuff that could only come from brain of Gary Amirault.


Dr. Stephen Jones (
This link leads to an entire book online: "Creation's Jubilee", an exhaustive study of what Acts 3:21 calls "the restoration of all things" (NASB). Jones uniquely approaches the subject from the foundation of Moses' law of Jubilee.

Randy Klassen (
Author of "What Does the Bible Really Say About Hell? Wrestling With the Traditional View". Link leads to the main page for his book at Cascadia’s site.

Dr. Boyd C. Purcell (
Author of “Spiritual Terrorism: Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb” is a National Board Certified Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor, an Ordained Christian Minister, and a Board Certified Chaplain.

Thomas Talbott (
Author of "The Inescapable Love of God" is a Professor of Philosophy at Willamette University, a backpacker and soccer enthusiast. The University has a
Tom Talbott page for him, and he’s got a personal site as well.


Tentmaker Ministries (
Gary Amirault's amazing site is arguably the web's single most extensive collection of resources related to universal salvation. Gary is a trusted friend and supporter.

Universalism & the Bible (
Keith DeRose is Professor of Philosophy at Yale University and a very engaging writer.

A Christian Universalist Library (
The number of volumes on this site is amazing—electronic versions of several classic, out-of-print books (mostly historical writings from the 1800s).